November Box Moodboard


Our first box! We thought long and hard about how we wanted to start off and decided that our goal for this box was to put ourselves into it (figuratively) as much as we could. We asked ourselves, what would we be excited about if we ordered the box? Since we can't really ship out wine and online shopping we came up with the next best thing: bringing happy hour to you!

Drumroll please...our first box is called: I have mixed drinks about feelings! 

Whether you are looking to glam up your bar cart or have a fun wine night in with the girls or you love happy hour just as much as us, we've got you covered. This box will provide you with ready to go fun additions to make your happy hour beautiful. Filled with custom prints and.... actually that's all we're saying, because everyone loves a little surprise(; You will love it, pinky promise.

Inspired by deep fall blooms, the "perfect mess" kind of look and the simplicity of black and white, our November collection is the perfect combo of feminine edge. Think deep magentas, plums and nude mixed with pale pinks (our fave) and black in all the right places. Expect lots of pretty lettering, bold watercolor illustrations and clean design to pull everything together. 

Right about now, we know some of you are starting to pull out your mini pumpkins and drink your PSL's, but we say put down the latte, grab some rosé and bring some Wilde into your home and life.