January Box Moodboard


When we first had the idea to start Wilde House Paper, we planned out a few month's worth of boxes to get us going. We love every box that we've done, but THIS box for January has been our all time fave from the start.

The January Box is called Get Your Shit Together. Yes, we love the name for comic relief, but seriously--it will help you get your life together. New years make for new beginnings and everyone loves that fresh start feeling which is where we found the inspiration for the look and feel of this box. Think primarily blacks and whites with pops of that cool, dusty blue and gold. We love gold, everyone loves gold, so yay for gold. The items in this box especially are very luxe (we're pulling out all of the stops) so you are basically saving money by buying the box! Just looking at the box will feel like a deep breath of clean design. We are already dying for you guys to see it.

Boxes are live on the site now for purchase! There is a limited quantity, so don't miss out like last month and get one before they all sell out!

***IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the items this month is a custom lettered "inspiration word" for your year. For example, last year Lauren's New Years Resolution was to stop waiting to do things/stop saying "I'll do it tomorrow" so her word for the year was NOW. The word will be featured on a 6x6 watercolor paper card to frame or put in a place where you will be reminded of it. 1 word max. Please leave your word choice as a message to the seller of etsy! Thanks!


Megan HeddingerComment