December Moodboard / I'm Dreaming of a White... Wine

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It's the happiest...well actually the most stressful time of the year - the Holidays. We have all spent countless hours wandering around Target trying to find cute wrapping paper or gift tags that don't have red and green reindeer all over them. So we are here to save you the time by sending you a box full of gift giving essentials. December's box is called, I'm Dreaming of a White...Wine because really when are we not. As we mentioned before, this box is going to stock you up with all of the holiday items that you already buy like cards, wrapping paper, tags...well we aren't going to tell you everything! If you are going to buy one box out of the whole year, this is the one to buy since you will be buying all the items anyways! 

For color we are loving a clean palette of whites and creams mixed in with some blush and pops of red. There will be lots of lettering and handmade art along with some classic WH wittiness ;)

As always, make sure you follow along on Insta to see all of the sneak peeks throughout the month. ALSO we will be shipping this box out earlier than usual so that you can make sure your pretty presents get out on time. Happy holidays everyone!