March Moodboard / Stay Focused, Get Wilde


Cover Image  /  The Veda House

Can you guys believe that we're already heading into March?! We were just talking about new year goals and now here we are talking about one of the most random months of the year (no offense if it's your bday month. We still love you xo ps- it's Lauren's bday month haha). Anyways, MARCH. For March we wanted to do a little follow up box from January because really, how useful was that box?

This month's box is called Stay focused, get Wilde, and it will make all of your office supplies dreams true. We are pulling out all of the stops from pretty paper goods to amazing office accessories. For color, we are loving MAUVE and other complementary dusty pinks (plus white and black obvi). We are bringing back a metal element this month too since gold was workin' it in January. Soooo you don't want to miss out like always. We will be posting some sneak peeks throughout the month, but the only thing we're giving away now (because we have to) is thatttttt there is a custom item involving your name. So when you check out please leave a note saying what name you go by (just your first? first + last? Alex versus Alexandra?) Let us know ;) 

Boxes are up for sale now and there is a limited amount so get one before they are all gone!