April Moodboard / Wildeflower

Cover Image  /  François-Henri Galland

It's our favorite time of year: SPRING. Reasons why we <3 springtime: flowers, flowy dresses, flowers, sunshine, flowers, rosé and did we mention flowers? In honor of the blooms that make our soul go boom boom, this month's box is called Wildeflower. A floral centered box so really we can't go wrong. Think lots of pretty floral watercolors + illustrations, femme lettering, and some amazing paper. 

In terms of colors, we are loving this unique brunswick green color (that's what it's called according to wikipedia... so we'll go with that) in combo with some clean neutrals and maybe a pop of pink for good luck. But you guys will love this box. It's so fresh, so clean only like we can do ;)

Boxes are live for sale now and there is only a limited amount so get one before they are all gone!