May Moodboard / Wanderlust for the Wilde Life

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Hi ladies! This month's theme is just as you guessed: wanderlust (whatever that means right?... well we thought it sounded cool and we are both dying for a vacay so there ya go!). The box is inspired by the urge to just escape and experience it all; whether that's just daydreaming about your next destination or diving into that planning process.

There will be lots of clean design, fun patterns and some planning + styling items (styling items are a new thing we are going to start adding into each box so that we can ensure your instas from here on out are b-e-a-utiful). In terms of colors, we are having so much fun playing with the possibilities of bold + soft tones. We wanted to stray away from a specific color this month, so we are giving you a little of everything, in the best way possible. We are stepping up our own paper game this month and including some items that will be printed on this lush, textured paper that you guys are going to die for. If you look realllllllly hard there are some major sneak peeks on this board ;) Keep following along on instagram to stay up to date as the month goes on!