October Moodboard / Back to Work

Cover Image  /  Jared Fowler

October, the transition where it FINALLY starts to feel like fall. One of our favorite quotes by Friedrich Nietzche says, "I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature." This really hits home for us this month letting go of summer and embracing those cozy, sensual fall feels.

This month's box is called Back to Work, which is a little play off of "going back to school" and getting your office essentials up to par. We are loving the idea of helping you guys really hone in on what fall looks like for YOU personally in terms of colors, mood and setting goals. Whether thats a spiral bound notepad (HINT HINT) or a motivational print for your desk or some fun elements to help create your very own moodboard for your space--we've got you covered! For color, we are loving those traditional fall burnt umbers, ochres and sage greens paired with unexpected pops of fuchsia and black! We are bringing back a metal element with our styling item like we have in previous months so you can look forward to that! Soooo you don't want to miss out like always. We will be posting some sneak peeks throughout the month so make sure to follow along on Instagram ;)

Boxes are up for sale now and there is a limited amount so get one before they are all gone!