May Moodboard / Wanderlust

Cover Image  /  VSCO AndreCrins

We are getting BRIGHT for May in celebration of the approaching summer months and the travel plans that come with that! Whether you are going to beach or heading on a mini mountain trip to get some hiking in, we wanted to focus this box around getting you organized in style. May's Box, Wanderlust, is an updated version to our beloved past April Box (circa 2016). So many of you have asked about getting your hands on those mini notebooks and tropical postcards, sooooooo we are here to please and are updating those items to be EVEN cuter.

So we mentioned postcards and notebooks, yes, those are in the box -- but we aren't showing you all of cards because there are some cool items that we have never done before! So make sure you are following along on insta to see the announcement of those.

For color, we are getting away from the pink this month (yay? haha). We are loving that cool sky blue mixed with that pop of bright, burnt coral. Expect lots of gorge lettering + travel-inspired illustrations, as always.

We say this every month, but REALLY boxes sell out -- SO don't procrastinate and just get it now. EVERY item in this box is super practical whether you are using it daily to write in, send notes, art for around the house or styling away for instagram/blog posts.

Ok that's all. Love you. Bye.