Behind The Scenes / Meet our Assistant


Hey guys! I’m Alison, the incredible and super fun assistant here at Wilde House.  I’m the one who answers your emails, sources everything for the boxes, and most importantly packs and ships the boxes. I’m in the office a couple days per week and the rest of time the three of us are group texting.  The best thing about going into the office is not the delicious smelling candles (there are always multiple burning) or the endless rosé (dead serious); it’s Niko and Portia, the pups! Back to the rosé comment-Friday meetings are the best because they usually happen outside with vino.  I try and keep the meeting on track (and write everything down) the first hour so we can make decisions because after a glass(es) of wine we tend not to stay on topic. Whoops. Anyway, it’s a super fun place to work and I envy both these girls’ creativity. Maybe it will rub off? xx 

Below, the "shop dogs", one of our monthly packing parties... and meeting necessities.