June Moodboard / That Summer Feeling

Cover Image  |  Fine Life Co.

That summer feeling – tan skin, long days filled with fun memories, floral dresses and good drinks. We both crave that feeling all year and know that our focus around work tends to fade as travel plans and poolside bbqs approach. In an effort to keep our work mindset strong through these next few months, we thought a summer office refresh could be just trick to keep us (kinda) wanting to keep getting shit done.

Expect some OG customer favorite items (hint: stickies) as well as some new paper items that we are rolling out for the first time. Our color palette is fun, bold and SUMMER. We want this box to brighten up your space and make you want to write to-do lists just because you're lists are pretty. For our styling item, we are bringing in a little pop of metallic which is always a plus. As always, there will be tons of gorgeous lettering and cool illustrations.

This is the fist month in WH history that our customers will be able to shop our items in addition to our monthly boxes & we couldn't be more excited about it. Thank you for all of your guys' support and we love you (a lot).