What's In Our Stationery Travel Bag

What stationery we always travel with | Wilde House Paper

While we've been packing our bags all summer for trips big and small, we realized we never stopped to show you what's inside. As stationery lovers, we have never taken a trip without at least one notebook. Travel is one of our biggest inspirations, so having the tools to keep track of everything we see, discover and want to bring home is a must!

While it might seem overkill to pack all of these things, our thoughts are, if we can fit it in one little pouch that hardly takes up any room in our carry on, it's going. So here's what we're packing, and a little inspiration for you to start building your own travel stationery kit. 

Our stationery essentials for travel | Wilde House Paper
Our 'notes' pad, perfect for planning out your day in a new city while traveling | Wilde House Paper

Notepads: the obvious first choice!

Like we said, gathering inspiration is our number one reason to pack our fave stationery. Whether you are using your notes to jot down sites you want to see that day, restaurants your fave instagrammer visited that you must try, color stories you see on buildings, or a cool quote you saw in a shop... our notepads hold all of that;)

Get your 'Notes' spiral bound pad here

Get your 'feelings' notebook here

'Feelings' notebook, the perfect size for your travel bag! | Wilde House Paper

Trinket Dishes

Yep, we love our trinket dishes for those bits and pieces that gather on your desk, but we also love packing them on our travels. They are perfect for keeping your rings and necklaces bedside, by the sink, or in the safe. There's nothing worse than the panic of a ring rolling off the table in a hotel room... so we always use these to keep them in one place.

Get your trinket dishes here!

We always pack a trinket dish or two while traveling to keep our jewelry safe at night | Wilde House Paper
gold foil thank you notes, you never know when you might need one so always keep a few on hand! | Wilde House Paper

Notecards + more...

Whether you are writing notes to friends and fam while away, need a notecard to stash a tip in at your hotel, or make a contact you need to write down your info for... we've got something for that and pack at least 2-3 for any given occasion!

Get the 'merci' folded cards hereGet the floral print notecards hereGet the 'call me' calling cards hereGet the floral print sticky notes hereGet the 'ooh la la' print here

What we travel with... and this all fits in one little pouch! | Wilde House Paper

So, what plans do you have for travel for the rest of the summer? Do YOU have your travel stationery kit ready?