March Moodboard / Va Va Bloom


March is where better days are finally in the clear – well actually we live on the west coast so our weather is never too tragic, but we're talking to you east coasters! Warmer months are in the near & fresh blooms are starting to fill the flower stands (our fave!). We both always feel very inspired this time of year & this collection of luxe paper goods shows that at it's finest. Expect to see lots of hand line drawings & femme lettering that truly make our pieces feel like they were made just for you!

Our palette is inspired by naturalistic tones & that feeling of freshness that Spring brings. Lead by warm neutrals, we bring in pops of mauve, rusty coral & deep emerald green to make this collection feel really authentic. This collection is the perfect addition to your workspace!

Need a last minute vday or birthday gift? Choose our gift option & we'll send you a pretty printable to wrap up so that they know their gift is in route. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Packages are available for purchase through March 1st & will ship on March 10th.