June Moodboard / Day Dreamer


We both are big day dreamers. Really, it's where some of our best ideas have come forth (that's how WH was born!). We just grab a glass a wine & start sharing our "what if's" with each other. Well if we're being honest, our best ideas come out after 3+ glasses of wine... so if it isn't working after one, you know the issue is. But in all seriousness, day dreaming allows yourself to think bigger + not feel limited by judgement. IT'S THE BEST. June's package embodies that day dreaming spirit full of creativity. The items are inspired by "getting away" whether you are doing that physically with a summer vacay or emotionally by just laying by the pool + dreaming up some plans.

The color palette feels like sweet summer time with warm sun + deep ocean tones pulled back with clean creams, pale pink & a pop of gold metal. All three items are super useful for planning, remembering little things & writing your dreams down. It really is a classic summer package that you don't want to miss. We'll be sharing sneak peeks over on Instagram if you aren't already convinced.

Packages are available for purchase through June 1st & will ship on or before June 10th.

Need a last minute gift? Choose our gift option & we'll send you a pretty printable to wrap up so that they know their gift is in route. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.