A little Wilde News



For the past three years, Wilde House has become more than we've ever imagined it to be with a tribe of followers who endlessly support us in whatever direction we have taken things. We've both put so much into the brand physically (yes, we both hand pack every single package) and creatively. And honestly, it has come to require much more than that for us to take Wilde House to new levels and become the brand that we always dreamt of. To honor our creative capabilities, as well as your expectations, we've decided that Wilde House will officially close it's stationery doors as of June 2018.

As creatives, we have found that one of the most important things to do for ourselves is to be honest about our creative cravings. Sometimes the winds shift & you find yourself being pulled in different, inspiring & exciting directions. You have to be realistic and decide if your current efforts are where you are shining in your best light. For the past few months we both have spent some time diving deep into what we are both passionate about within our own personal careers + businesses and have come to this tough conclusion. We want to be the best versions of ourselves and put out the best work that we can create. And to do that, narrowing our focus is key. So, we want you to know that it was a decision made with our current clients, customers, and tribes in mind.

Lauren's personal business, A Fabulous Fete has grown at a steady pace over the past few years offering new and exciting opportunities in the worlds of hand-lettering, styling and building her community. Megan will be re-launching the platform of Wilde House with a fresh aesthetic and her own exciting products. Though the name will stay the same, the company will be different than what it is today. We will both do our best in the next 2 months to make the transition as smooth as possible so that there is a clear definition in the new direction of WH.

We are still very close friends (maybe even closer now that we don't have pressure around running a business!) and plan to collaborate on projects in the future. We are simply taking this time to refocus our individual creative efforts.



So what happens if you are currently a customer/subscriber? Here are a few details:

When is the last subscription package shipping?

Our last official package as part of the subscription package will be June, 2018.

How long will the online shop stay open?

We are keeping it open through June with some fun promo's so you can get your Wilde House fill before it's gone.

What happens to my current subscription that I've prepaid for?

Once our last package (June, 2018) ships out on June 10th, all subscriptions will end & we will be refunding your remaining balance (package price from July, 2018 and forward) directly back to your account. 

What do I do if I have questions after you close in June?

Don't worry, we aren't going to disappear. We will continue to check our email for any stray issues or questions. So feel free to reach out at any time and we will do our best to get whatever it is in question resolved. (wildehousepaper@gmail.com)

But I'm going to miss you... where can I see more of your individual journey's?

Lauren will remain focused on A Fabulous Fete, you can follow her here @afabulousfete OR stop by her site and take a peek www.afabulousfete.com

Megan will be transitioning Wilde House into Wilde House 2.0, so continue following there, or hop over to her personal feed @meganheddinger



Again, we both can't express how much we appreciate our tribe & the endless support you've given us through this journey. We love you guys & are excited for this next step in our creative lives. We have so much more to give, so stay tuned ;)


M + L

Megan Heddinger