Wilde House Paper is a lifestyle STATIONERY COLLECTION CREATED IN California.

Every WH piece is an original work of art that is unique to this shop. About half of the goods are designed and printed on luxe paper stocks. The rest of the goods are handmade in California using the highest quality materials. By hand is a core value of WH as it makes each piece intentionally its own. When you buy a WH good, you are not only going to receive a quality item but you are supporting the slow process of art that really is so unique in today's industry.




Megan Heddinger

A California based creative who is the creative mind behind WH.

Coming from a background in fashion & graphic design, Megan mixes the elements of minimal design with a hand touch that result in elevated products & designs. Inspired by color, texture, art, style & California surroundings, Wilde House comes to life to complement an artistic lifestyle. Every piece is concepted, designed, hand-crafted & packaged by Megan and then sent to you with hope of giving life to your routine or space.



The wilde woman is cool, artistic + a natural beauty.

She knows who she is and what she values – quality, art, texture, practicality & little design details. As the trendsetter of her life, she is drawn to elevated concepts that mix new world + vintage. She's a modern minimalist that isn't afraid of getting wilde.

Every piece is created with her in mind. A constant thought is thinking about how WH goods will seamlessly fit into her effortless lifestyle. Wilde House Paper aims at creating a collective of Wilde Women who all share like values, styles & inspirations.