PRE-SALE Biannual Subscription to WH Inspired By

PRE-SALE Biannual Subscription to WH Inspired By

95.00 every 6 months

A biannual subscription to our WH Inspired By collection for our US-based Wilde Women. This collection will consist of three exclusive collaboration goods + a choice of one of Muse’s Spring picks from the shop.


3 Exclusive Items


Choice of One Summer Pick : Weekly List Pad, Fauna Notecard Set or Sand Painted Mini Jotter

Inspired By collections are produced in limited quantities, so when they sell out, they are sold out for good. All subscriptions are paid for upfront and are non-refundable. This subscription will renew automatically every 6 months. Our biannual subscription ensures that you will receive our Summer ‘19 collection and Fall ‘19 collection. Shipping is free on all collections with code INSPIREDDBY at checkout.

*This collection includes items that are handmade pieces. These may have variations + perfect imperfections, so please take that into account. Read more here about the process