Brand Identity

Created on the basis of authentic storytelling, Amal is a California based designer and blogger sharing her love for fashion, design and a curated lifestyle. Inspired by the melting of cultures, Amal comes to life to empower individuals to identify the best in themselves and their desires. The Amal soul walks through life unafraid of who they are and where they want to be.


Amal came to us in search of an authentic rebrand to embody her personal evolution and heritage. With an emphasis on elevated typography, a playful color palette and an artful approach, we set out to create a unique brand identity for Amal that visually represented her truest creative self.


Inspired by the melting of Moroccan architecture and Parisian culture, Amal draws inspiration from feminine geometric lines, meaningful typography and a color palette that exudes modern luxury.

Brand Identity

Inspired by the embellishments of Moroccan architecture and the elevated nature of Parisian aesthetics, this suite embodies the approachable luxury that the Amal customer is seeking.

Q&A with Amal

We sat down with the founder, Amal, to chat through her vision for her personal brand and how brand identity plays a strong role in that.



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