Wilde House Paper creates original art WITH PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS.

The beauty of handmade items is the originality of every single piece. When you purchase a hand painted card or hand sewn notebook or hand thrown ceramic bowl, you are getting a unique piece made specially for you. At Wilde House Paper, items are created with the highest quality materials using art-centric processes.

We quality control every item that leaves our studio to find its new home with you, although please expect that some pieces might embrace some small perfect imperfections. Please know that small paint smudges, uneven ceramic piece bottoms, slightly crooked cuts, etc. are all part of the process. If you are not okay with imperfections, then WH goods may not be your cup of tea. 


Wilde House Paper uses the highest quality paper stocks sourced for every paper good. For inner pages of notebooks & notepads, we use a luxe recycled 70 pound text weight paper. For greeting cards and jotter notebook covers, our stocks range from 100 - 140 pound cover weight stock. Our thickest stock is used for our planner covers, art prints, dreampad covers, flat painted notecards and skinny notepad covers & ranges from 140 - 220 pound cover weight stock. Please reference the palette + stock notes below for more details about your favorite pieces.


A wide variety of hand done techniques are executed to make WH goods as unique as possible. From making each individual piece to packaging it with design in mind, all goods are intentional in every way possible. Read more about the creative processes that take place in the WH Studio below.


Painting, Drawing, Lettering, Collage & Hand Throwing Ceramics



All painted pieces are originally created on large paper sheets that are then cut down to create cards, notebook + notepad covers, tags, etc. We love this process because it creates truly unique pieces for every single item. This is this reason why you will never be able to order the same exact painted WH good – the paper stock, colors & art style will be the same, but the exact art composition will be a complementary version of the original on the site.


All of our boxes + mailers are made from recycled materials to keep waste to a minimum. Each piece is packaged with care and includes a hand written thank you note. All ceramics come in a luxe cotton bag adorned with a hand painted gift tag and housed in a sliding birch wood reusable box. Packaging matters.