You are the heart of Wilde House Paper & designing products that complement your everyday life is a key focus of the new WH.

By participating in this survey, you will be impacting the future aesthetic, culture & product line that will become Wilde House Paper.

As a small token of gratitude, once you complete this survey, a private link will be provided to download an exclusive art piece to print and use in your space. 


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Age *
Yes, I know it's faux pas to ask, but I want to know what life stage you are in to best design for you.
Just testing the waters to see where you are to plan potential pop ups & events nearby!
Were you ever an original WH monthly subscriber? *
Do you like the idea of small product release every month? Would you rather buy the individual products that you like straight out of the shop or have the small collection bundled + sent to you once a month on a subscription basis to ensure that you didn't miss out before it sold out? If monthly is too much, what about bi-monthly or quarterly?
Favorite Potential Products *
These are all item concepts that are floating around & I want to know which you ones you are interested in. Please select as many that apply to you.
Anything else to add? Your feedback is valued + appreciated!