( Soul )

A collection of tools designed to connect you to the truest essence of you: the Soul. By tapping inward through inspiration, these tools provide a path that allows you to formulate your deepest desires and fuel through a sense of deeper connection with your most authentic self.
Bare Art PrintBare Art Print
Emulates the art of the human form
Cultivating Conversations Card DeckCultivating Conversations Card Deck
An innovative game to connect with self or others
Dusk Art PrintDusk Art Print
A bold statement
Emotional Color Theory Card SetEmotional Color Theory Card Set
( Sold out )
A gentle gesture of an emotion to give or keep
Fleur Art PrintFleur Art Print
Inspired by the natural palette of nature
Mellow Art PrintMellow Art Print
Minimal with a pop of color
Monthly List PadMonthly List Pad
A hybrid of a planner & a journal
Skye Art PrintSkye Art Print
A calming presence in the form of art
Soul Art PrintSoul Art Print
A visual form of what resides within
The Dreamer Art PrintThe Dreamer Art Print
A zodiac inspired art piece
The Dreamer JournalThe Dreamer Journal
A blank slate to dream
The Lover Art PrintThe Lover Art Print
A zodiac inspired art piece
The Lover JournalThe Lover Journal
A space to love
The Realist Art PrintThe Realist Art Print
A zodiac inspired art piece
The Realist JournalThe Realist Journal
A place to come home to