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A lifestyle stationery

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in California.





July is where the warmth of Summer says hello to the soul. Being a California-based brand, our surroundings are constantly inspiring us – especially during this time of year when we are out and about during our days. The neutral color palette, wellness-focused lifestyle and style play a big part of this circle of inspiration that constantly fuels. The Wilde Woman is looking to the simple things in her life that make her feel whole & turning those into necessary daily rituals. She carefully examines not only what she is consuming but how she is consuming in terms of nutrition, environment, fashion and surrounding people. Slowing time down with a good read, taking her morning coffee outside on a casual walk around her neighborhood or calling a friend that she has been meaning to call back for weeks now are all of the little things that she’s putting at the forefront so that life doesn’t whisk them away. Intentionally intentional is her mantra through this month and it guides her as Summer’s schedule is in full force.