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New & Intentional.

Our 2020 Intentional Calendar is here to set the mood.



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October mood

Inspired by the art of transitions – one season to another brings about a shift in herself. She finds herself turning inward for moments of solitude and reflection. Like the leaves, she falls in different shades becoming a new version of her. New style, new feelings & new routines leads to an awakening that she’s been craving.

All things to all people, she finds energy in service and giving back to a world that has given her so much. Peace is her gravity, doing all things with charm and grace. A levelheaded scale, she feels the weight of the problems around her and balances with justice. She has a calm magic about her that is contagious. An intimate conversation with a loved one or a stranger are both in her comfort zone. The little things in life help her to realign and stay present. She is a perfect balance of complete.

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