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A lifestyle stationery

collection created

in California.





Inspired by bittersweet reminiscence and structure, the Wilde Woman leads with a strong understanding of herself into this transition of a new season of life. With a great deal of respect for art & design, she has a burning desire to create un-orderly order. Health conscious, she consumes mindfully in all aspects of her life – nutrition, environment, fashion and surrounding people.

Holding herself and all those around her to high standards, she is constantly pushing herself forward into a new realm of excellence. Inspired by unique shapes and color palettes, she takes time to experiment with her form of art whether that’s physical or emotional. As the seasons shift, she is mindfully curating her home to fit that transitional mood – bolder art updates and intentional moments of memories out for display. She aims to reconnect with friends and family that she has lost touch with as Summer picked up as well as take time to reconnect with herself and her daily rituals. She slowly kisses Summer goodbye to welcome in a new season of her.