Inspiration is at the core of our brand. It guides us to constantly create and push the boundaries.

We hope that Wilde House becomes a place that you come to seek inspiration and gain meaningful connections with a community that supports each other. By tapping into what inspires us, we as a creative community can feed our innermost desire to be our most authentic self.

Monthly Mood - MAY

Currently Inspired By


Yin & Yang, Strong & Sensitive, Water & Wine

Time to Refuel, In touch with Herself & Others, Mindful Rituals

Transitioning in balance with life, she delicately floats through life like a feather in the wind. Fueled by an energy that is infectious, she experiences deep emotions that are the perfect harmony between strong and sensitive. By prioritizing self-care, she is able to implement rituals within her daily routine to create inner and outer peace. Social with a side of solitude, she puts herself first knowing that her battery will run low if she keeps running.

MOOD - A transformational energy pours through her like water. A stellar performer under pressure, she is an instinctual host during the holidays. Deeply loved yet feared by many, she has a power about her that can sting. Living a life ruled by fate, she experiences all facets of wild. An embodiment of personal growth, she is an advocate of positive change. Constantly proving her worth, she is a true survivalist. giving endlessly and loving loyalty, she is a spirit that supports.

Monthly Art download

May Art Download

Each month we create an original art piece for your phone + desktop that is an artful expression of our Monthly Mood for you to enjoy all month long.


Monthly playlist

May Playlist

A curated playlist to reflect our monthly mood for May. Coming 5/2



May Mood

An inspiration series to set the tone for the month ahead.


Mother's Day Gift Guide

An intentional gift guide for an important woman in your life.


Alona Sporcich

An inspiring conversation about her personal medium – interior design.


Day & Night Rituals

By creating rituals in both the morning and night, one can move intentionally to being your best self.