Inspiration is at the core of our brand.
It guides us to constantly create and push the boundaries.

We hope that Wilde House becomes a place that you come to seek inspiration and gain meaningful connections with a community that supports each other. By tapping into what inspires us, we as a creative community can feed our innermost desire to be our most authentic self.

Monthly Mood - JANUARY

Currently Inspired By

Confident and cool, a clean slate of new opportunities brings her a great sense of purpose. Ambition is her energy, motivating all who surround. Like the melt of a new snow, she slowly warms up to new surroundings as they become more familiar to her. Through discipline, she takes responsibility for the space that she consumes. As loyal as she can be, she leads with her strong sense of intuition that guides her powerful moral compass. Always thinking of the little things, she carves out time for thoughtfulness for herself and others.

COLOR - Frost

INTUITION – Fresh Opportunities, An Open Mind, Discover your Purpose

RITUALS – Nourish + Hydrate, Pause for Yourself, Create Movement

MOOD - A true work of art, she is dimensional. With a contagious spirit, she is complete when surrounded with good company.She is a lady of luck who intentionally creates good energy that positivity naturally comes from. Adaptable to her environment, she is light that everyone around her gravitates towards. Prioritizing an active lifestyle, she loves a spontaneous series of events where she just picks up & goes.Born to love and be loved, she is an optimist that is a support system for so many.

Monthly Art download

January Art Download

Each month we create an original art piece for your phone + desktop that is an artful expression of our Monthly Mood for you to enjoy all month long.


Monthly playlist

January Playlist

A curated playlist to reflect our monthly mood for January.
Coming 1/2.



January Mood

An inspiration series to set the tone for the month ahead.


December Mood

An inspiration series to set the tone for the month ahead.


A Giving Tuesday Initiative

A deeper look into our sustainable initiative as a brand, our partnership with One Tree Planted and how you as a member of our community can help us make an impact.


An Intimate Conversation with our Founder

Megan reflects on the magnitude of Small Business Saturday and why WH’s founding values have created the brand that we are all a part of today.